Monday, November 1, 2010

Grow up, Wake up

Gone are the days when the account was still small and only owns two bays at the end of the floor. We only had a QA, one manager, six coaches, and less than 50 agents.Gone are the days when everyone knows each one -- personally, and in Facebook. The account has grown up, and so I need too. Grown-ups stop using Facebook once told. Never waiting for someone to retell...

Gone are the days when I was still breast-fed by mom. Really, I was sent in a mission and I am now here. And true: no mission is meant to be easy. I ought to wake up from this deep sleep in my mother's embrace. Because her arms are so loaded, she couldn't hold me no more. And if I don't, I know, I'd just fall. Awake people never sleep while the shift is on.

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