Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Outsider has been Out (Kailangan Eh)

 i have thoughts...too much thoughts... 
too much thoughts to translate those into words
and become a blog entry

The Outsider has been out all week.

On Monday, my plans were, coming from a long weekend, were to go to the gym and stay in the office for good. I can cut my aircon bills of I will be sleeping here while there is 0% that I can be late as I will be like living in the same building where my office is situated. I was planning to use the gym's shower to cleanup every morning. On the second thought, my privacy could be devastated as I will need to obviously share the quarters with other employees. But, why not? I stay in the office for like average of 16 hours a day. That's like 97% of my waking hours. 

Tuesday (that was Wednesday morning in a normal Filipino), I needed to go home early as it was grandpa's birthday. That early meant 10 AM when my shift ends at five. 

Wednesday (Thursday), I had a very brilliant idea of getting talking to Daphne to propose to her the grocery-in-bulk technique. We planned to also cook for two instead of one. The aim was to cut our budget at least by 20-30% (for now, as starters) by utilizing the resources we have (e.g. pantry's microwave, rice cooker, etc.). We recalled that last week was the lamon week for us. We shed alot of money for Jolibee for our daily breakfast since we stay unpaid in the office for long hours doing our admin tasks. I also needed to rush through the department store to get black shoes for he Sta Cruzan which happened yesterday.

Thursday (Friday morning), I needed to carry Daphne to Mega Mall to get my polo and tie. As the usual belief, Daphne still move, walk, and look very slow. (I cannot say that she talks slowly).

"Sige, I think I will get home at 1. I can then cook adobo..." I remember her say while we were munching roasted chicken at Kenny Rogers.

"Anong oras na ba friend?"


One-fifteen and we haven't started the shopping. I want to be honest that she was a big help in choosing the best for me as always. She was also the one who chose my shoes.

Luckily 5 PM, I was hearing a car starting and I was inside it. I was about coming home from Ortigas. 8 PM, I am expected to go to the office (at Ortigas too).

Six, I rushed pouring a can of corn kernels to my Lock & Lock and mixed it with butter and some salt. I promised this to Daphne in exchange to the adobo I requested. It was her last day to dial for the LOB since she's gonna transfer next week.

I also needed to get out to the heavy rain to go to the tailor to get a coat I need for Saturday. And there I the middle of the pouring rain under accasia trees, I needed to go home without any coat at hand. Have I just been muscled, one of those coats could've fit to me.

No more time for worries, I went back home and phone my cousin to find a coat for me. 

Seven, without any sleep at all, I jumped through the wet streets to get a cab and go to the office. The heaven was crying with me so heavy that it needed to become a battle between a human being and the mother nature. Will the Sta Cruzan push through the following day if the trend of the whether was always like that?

What's gonna happen tomorrow? Ready or not, I needed to turn over the tasks at hand to my cousins at home and leave for the office.

Kailangan eh.

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