Monday, April 19, 2010

I Will Go Back to School

It has always been at the back of my mind to go back to school. When I got my first job, I told my self that I won't stop schooling...I'll just keep on pushing no matter what it takes until I graduate. I was one of those fanatics of the principle that education must always be at priority. I was willing to give up my "trial"  job when school requires me to quit. But things suddenly changed. Because career itself made me realize that it is present and also needs my attention, I gave up after knowing what's in it for me. For a student given the chance to enjoy the colorful world of call centre versus facing the daily problem of the country--fighting to get a good education in a bulok-system  state university, I chose the easier path. I know it was not a smart decision. When I left school, I didn't just loose education.

I lost my life.
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I was listening on my iPod when I suddenly noticed my face was reflecting on the jeepney side mirror. Just like before...I look good with a yellow light (good thing most jeepneys use yellow light). I was wearing white rubber-printed shirt and my favorite checkered shorts. I was fresh-looking. And I was fresh-smelling too. I should because I was going on a sex date.

I checked my self in the mirror for a little bit more. Then I realized that most of my dates are yuppies. And most of them are just for sex. I don't really need sex dates most of the time. What I need are friends. Guy friends.

All I need is just a set or two of barkada who can spend some chill time with me.Where are the boys? Why am I meeting all men? I just need boys.

It was a good idea when I suddenly realized that it was not them who are not reaching me. I was the one who went away. I realized I should go back to school. I am going to enroll for some units this June. 

I was singing on top of my head, More bookings to come!

Of course I managed to remind my self that it's not the bookings that's the friendships. 

Jad is like a big brother to me. He likes pissing me off. And he likes it when I know how to piss him off. (Or the fact that I know how to turn his piss organ on.) But that the middle of our IM exchanges...he reminded me to finish my studies. "Sayang naman yun kase", he added.

And that same night, my mom talked to me regarding going back to school. She said alot of people are thinking they are not reminding me about school. Well, they do. They always do. Mom and I knew that. But when I saw mom unhappy stating her case...and when I felt her heart was the one talking to me...that same moment, I said: I will go back to school.

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